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released March 26, 2013



all rights reserved


Columns Portland, Oregon

Columns starts with Scott Eddington's somewhat off-kilter songwriting, and ends with full blown catastrophe.

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Track Name: Fray
In a way, like the way I carry
each line over.
On a fray, in a fray I'm landing,
each foot pounding.

Ask me to and I may come through.
Always trading one for another.
It's a shame.

We were up until the sun was,
it makes sense now
The things you make, they always seem to
come with age.

Tend the fire, your look's ablaze.
The golden look is all it's taken.
So take it.
Track Name: Open Garden
Carpet grips
the heel
and proceeds.

Open garden
Invite the birds

Valleys on faces
first seen
through window.

Ignoring features
A broad day lighter

I felt foolish
with aging
with age.

Open garden
Invite the birds
Track Name: Song for Nate (Memoir of Medium Nate)
I remember ledges,
A mission to the valley.
So vivid are the freeways,
The traffic and the laughing.

So vivid it's a victory
That I remember clearly
Your manner and expression
is burnt into my being.

I cannot believe
the lake in which we stayed
will be your grave
Ashes made

From a friend, to a friend, I'll miss you.
Track Name: Clothes are Drying
Of all of them
There are few
That seek the view
It's you I long after

And if it should come
Or decide to stay
I'll be OK
I'll be OK
I'll be OK

Your clothes are drying
Your clothes are drying
Your clothes are drying
Hang your clothes
Your clothes are dry
Track Name: Narcissus at his Murky Pond
Over ponder
Look the bend over
Isles and bric-a-brac brag
of moss on wall
And nearby friendly pastures
Straw of fellow kindred kid
Over wearing something sacred.
Track Name: Acorn, A Turn (Dry Bones)
You'll turn around eventually.
Familiar as to home.
Dry bones.

We'll circulate, you will turn.
Affairs with the eyes
and the mirror.

Friction announces fire,
Friction announces you.
You enter
with dry bones.
Track Name: A Series of Visits
Don't visit here.
Don't visit here.
I'll be gone by end of year.

The longing for something that only
is existing in the home.

You'll visit here.
Then we'll have space to spare.
You'll be here by end of year.

This room must be fit to please.

There have been similar days
In waves we share the way it is.

Suddenly, everything just seems so fresh and new.
Afterwards, we will contemplate your visit through.

Behind the door is home.

You visit here.
We don't talk, but we stare.
Track Name: Nostalgic Trail Song
In the acres I am used to
In the area I am fond of
You can sit and drink the scene in
There's a lack of noise above you

So come and dig your dirty paws
where dirty hands
are welcome.
Seldom are the things you'd like
but often are
the reasons for them.

Through your guidance learn to take turns
But inside I'm sketching suburbs
Never really in the hey now
Appreciate the way your eye brows.

So come and dig your dirty paws
where dirty hands
are welcome.
Seldom are the things you'd like
but often are
the reasons for them.
Track Name: Push/Pull
As the heat changed
As the heat changed

Like that one time
Came together
Like that one time

As the rooms change
Kept together
As the rooms change

Like the frames fill
You are in them
Like the frames fill

A shift in attitude
A slight twitch of the lip

A switch of shading
Is quite nice in a room.

As the heat changed
Track Name: Once the Branches
Once upon a time,
It was a better time
to be outside.
Lovely weather
Pause and reflect.

Let the shadow bruise the grass
Have your picnic in the past

Branches were acting
like baby birds.
Hatching and excited,
memorizing words.

Let your lucky rabbits loose
Something in the way it soothes me