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released March 29, 2013



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Columns Portland, Oregon

Columns starts with Scott Eddington's somewhat off-kilter songwriting, and ends with full blown catastrophe.

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Track Name: There is a Slightly Blurry Image
The explanation comes before
the storm is low
I know
I can see the water
collecting on
your clothes

Beneath the skin there may be sand
where oceans dry themselves
It will rest it's head again

Let's pretend it's easy
Tell me it's easy
Tell me it's something new
Track Name: Clue Themes
Then the summer light will creep up from behind
Though the summer heat will keep me on the streets at night
I will softly jog through the thickest of the fog
I will swiftly swim through the corners of the dimmest light
Then the sun will set and soon we will forget
When the water on the road will vanish like a burning rope
I could take a bath and hear the water laugh
I could build a boat, slip on my coat and go
Track Name: Rushing the Rowboat
A good human being...
why not?
Reach for that potential thing.
It's not about the technicality, rather
conceptual ability.

Well I've got a secret in my sleeve...
and sock.
Surely one day will be released.
So all about the mystery,
but the myths I live mean nothing.
Track Name: What Better Weapon
Oh, recognized
but nearly impossible
to put a stop to this rock
How, allowed
by what we held dear,
could time come to bear
this noose of repair.

You ask,
expect answers come fast
and dig through your browning ground
The clock hands will fasten blossoms.

Pray someone will find them

You promised your patience

What better weapon?
Than a face full of laughter?

What better weapon than a face full of laughter?